Animo is a 10-week program for anyone who has wondered if life could be easier.

Small groups of peers meet online once a week for 10 weeks as a trained peer facilitator guides them through a workbook of tools. The tools support all aspects of wellness, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and topics include understanding emotions, managing expectations and priorities, and communicating with others.

The 10-week workbook was designed by Emilee after a long, personal experience learning the tools.

“Animo,” originating from Latin, holds a meaningful message of encouragement and strength. It translates into phrases like “take courage” and “from the heart”,
reflecting the spirit of Animo.

Weekly Topics

Intro meeting

Get to know your facilitators and small group
Talk together about how you will maintain a safe space for you and all of your peers
Ask questions
Get comfortable using the meeting platform

Week 1 – Basic Wellness

Mindfulness and meditation
Sleep and nutrition
Medication and substance use

Week 2 – Understanding Emotions

Name and process emotions
Cope with uncomfortable emotions

Week 3 – Adjusting Thoughts

Thinking patterns
Notice an unsupportive thought
Adjust an unsupportive thought

Week 4 – Values and Beliefs

Align with your values
Break down your core belief

Week 5 – Managing Expectations and Priorities

Manage realistic and unrealistic expectations
Understand and manage priorities
Make effective decisions

Week 6 – Solving Problems and Setting Goals

Solve a problem
Set and achieve a goal

Week 7 – Effective Communication

Understand communication styles
Communicate what you need
Set a boundary
Give and receive feedback effectively

Week 8 – Working with Guilt and Worry

Understand and work with your guilt
Understand and work with your worry

Week 9 – Changing and Maintaining

Understand resistance behaviours
Maintain what you’ve learned

Week 10 – Reflections

Reflect with your peers on the last 10 weeks and how you will continue to use your tools