Online small group peer support for anyone who wants a better relationship with themselves, their emotions, and others.

When you feel…

Animo helps.

10 weeks of tools that will help you:

Understand yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Work through problems and achieve your goals.

Know how to ask for things and how to say “no”.

Be self-responsible and maintain your wellness.

Register for a virtual group

Choose a weekly meeting day that
works best for you.

Meet online weekly

Spend a two-hour virtual meeting learning new tools with your small group of peers.

Receive your workbook

We will mail you the Animo workbook for you to work through with your group.

How does it work?

Animo is your safe place to learn tools to manage your emotions, expectations, time and priorities, and needs.

How Animo has helped.

“It felt good to know my struggles and issues weren’t an isolated problem and that they could be managed.”

“I used to go into panic whenever I had to do something unfamiliar, and now I can recognize not only that I’m feeling panicked and why but also learn how to control external and internal factors to help work through those feelings.”

“[I learned] how to interpret and think critically about my emotional state in order to keep it from controlling my responses.”


Founders Emilee, Eunice, and Blythe have created Animo with support from the University of Calgary Social Work Department, University of Fredericton Innovation Leadership students, and the Centre for Innovation and Peer Support.