Animo helps.

Small group peer support for anyone who wants a better relationship with themselves, their emotions, and others.



About Animo

Animo is a 10-week program for anyone who has wondered if life could be easier. A trained peer facilitator guides small groups through a workbook of tools that support all aspects of wellness, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Topics include understanding emotions, managing expectations and priorities, and communicating with others.

How does it work?

Spend 10 weeks with a small group of peers as a facilitator guides you through a workbook of tools to help you feel more capable and comfortable.

This is your safe place to learn tools to manage your emotions, expectations, time and priorities, and needs.


register for a group

Choose an online session day that works best for you.


After you register, we will send you a workbook to use throughout your program.

ATTEND WEEKLY ONLINE program sessions

Each week you will meet with your session group and work through the program together with a group facilitator.

10-Week Group Study ($384)

Our next program dates will be announced soon.

  • A Peer Facilitator will guide the discussion, and everyone is encouraged to participate in ways they are able.
  • Registration includes a workbook with information and exercises related to the weekly content
  • Your small group will meet virtually once a week for two hours and can interact through chat throughout the week
  • You can continue to access the group room and stay in touch with your peers after the ten-week program is completed.

Founders Eunice, Emilee and Blythe have created Animo with support from the University of Calgary Social Work Department, University of Fredericton Innovation Leadership  students, and the Centre for Innovation and Peer Support.

Emilee’s Story

Emilee Friesen is the courageous founder of Animo.

Following her own mental health challenges and the stabbing death of her best friend, Jordan, and four others at a Calgary house party, Emilee struggled with debilitating PTSD, entering in-patient psychiatric care and spending several years in therapy.

When friends asked how they could access mental health resources, Emilee decided to start a support group using techniques she learned in a previous self-help program. Recognizing the need to incorporate new tools, Emilee modernized Animo and built it into what it is today with the help of her entrepreneur mom. 

Animo’s values reflect Jordan’s spirit of integrity, authenticity and compassion by offering a safe, non-judgmental space for people to learn to be intentional and gentle with themselves and the world around them.

*Trigger Warning* Video Includes Mention of Attempted Suicide

The Canadian Mental Health Commission

notes benefits of peer support

Reductions in symptom distress

Improvements in social support

Improvements in quality of life

Reductions in hospitalizations for mental health problems


How Animo has helped.


“It felt good to know my struggles and issues weren’t an isolated problem and that they could be managed.”

“Emilee was an incredibly knowledgeable facilitator, and her guidance was invaluable she knew all the lessons and how we should apply them, if we came to her with an issue she knew which steps to take and which lessons to revisit.”

“I learned to better recognize and control my emotions, to notice when I was being driven by external factors or my own fear and anxiety.”

“I used to go into panic whenever I had to do something unfamiliar, and now I can recognize not only that I’m feeling panicked and why but also learn how to control external and internal factors to help work through those feelings.”

“[I learned] how to interpret and think critically about my emotional state in order to keep it from controlling my responses.”


What To Expect

  • A safe and non-judgmental environment
  • Two Animo peer facilitators to guide the group
  • Peers who can relate to your experiences
  • The opportunity to share and hear from others
  • To feel supported as you learn, talk about, and implement new tools that will help you feel more capable and well